PuppetConf 2016- Co-Sponsorship with our partner Fierce Software

Ivan and Paul are happy to be in sunny San Diego for PuppetConf 2016. Come see us at the Fierce Software booth. Great to see and hear about all of the successful integrations and solutions created  that are helping shape the DevOps landscape using Open Source technologies. If you missed our demo "Using Puppet to implement IPA" stay tuned in our Solutions section... 

Red Hat Summit June 27-30 2016

We are pleased to be returning to Red Hat Summit this year. Looking forward to seeing and catching up with all our colleagues at Red Hat and in our industry.  Added bonus of seeing the beautiful city of San Francisco. Looking forward to sitting in on the new Ansible certification course.  Check out the event and schedule here. https://www.redhat.com/en/summit

See us walking around feel free to stop us and catch up.

Ansible NOVA- How to improve your IT Ops with Ansible and Puppet 6-23-16

Don't miss your chance to hear Ivan present on the benefits of both Ansible and Puppet, how they can compliment each other and improve your IT Ops. Big thanks to our partner Fierce Software and Immix Group for hosting this event. Ivan and Eric will be open to questions after the presentations that Fierce and Endosys have developed. Check it out here and signn up to join us http://www.meetup.com/Ansible-NOVA/

NOVA SALTSTACK Meetup 6-24-2016

Hey fellow DevOps professionals. Ivan will be co-hosting and presenting at the next SaltStack NOVA meetup Friday June 24th in Rockville, MD. Big thanks to Booz Allen Hamilton for the location. See all the details here http://www.meetup.com/NoVA-Saltstack/ 

Join in, come out and talk with us and our partners about helping with your implementation, general questions. Maybe your new and just interested in the technology, whatever it is, come out and gain some insight.


Once again SaltStack put on a great event with very useful trainings and presentations. Got to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones. We are excited to be involved in HubbleStack and look forward to implementing some solutions around it. Conference has grown year over year. We are looking forward to the coming DMV area SaltStack meetups.


Well we made it to the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver. Beautiful city. Really great to connect with so many old and new friends. Really good sessions that highlight the implications of OpenStack in the IT ecosystem. Sessions really helped with some current projects we are working on with OpenStack. Wish we could make Tokyo.